and I can never be one…

I made it. I’m officially 30. As soon as the clock past 10pm on the night of the 19th it had been 30 years since my presence has graced the world. Thank you, bowing out.

Not so fast!

I wish I could tell you that everything magically occurred to make me wiser and fulfill every aspect of my dreams but nope, it was another day when I awoke in Brooklyn. I negotiated with myself on strapping up my New Balance 890s to get out of the door to run in what felt like 6 degrees at 6 am to run 6 chilly miles. I was successful around 6:30. I was going to change the distance to time on my feet (at least 30 minutes) and realized that I could make it to 6 when I was well on my way. I spent the rest of the day in jury duty, like a good citizen, and ending with an incredible dinner (main course with dessert) cooked by an addition to my life who helped me wrap up my day. The 30 years that took to get there was worth it and I felt incredibly blessed.

This is 30
During the day I had a great deal of reflection, as per usual. It started over my morning coffee.

1. Adults that I had looked up to when they were my age are still trying to figure it out.
It’s a misconception that adults know so much to children. It’s quite the epiphany when we realize that they are full of shit, ourselves included. We are also no longer children.

2. Advice books are written by self-righteous imbeciles who assume they know it all based off their successful experiences that can only pertain to themselves. I don’t think I could write an advice book even if I’m now 30. I don’t think anyone under 30 ever should. However, I wouldn’t put it past the idea to write one that sells if it motivate people to improve their lives. I’m still taking myself on that journey. My rules are simple… There are some things that I promised myself when I was younger and I tried to stick to it. One of them is to avoid being completely jaded.

3. Getting older can be an enriching experience and all of a sudden you can fall into the don’t give a fuck about offending people. Well, that was incredibly harsh but, I’m fortunate to have reached a point that I chose my happiness above everything. That has actually made me a better person. Being uber sensitive is dangerous and I remember having almost everything bother me. Some things, and even some people, just don’t matter.

4. Doing something completely crazy out of my norm was the best thing I could have ever done! I’ll write about that once the trip is over. There’s positive and negative that came out of this trip. Also, some uncertainty, I do know it’s a trip that I will always remember and appreciate for as long as I live.

That’s not all I thought about but, I’ve only got a limited time for this entry. The final thought is where I am right now.

On the 20th, I didn’t go to bed after my company’s gala. In fact, I packed as quickly as I could to head out the door at after 3am… stuff made for movies. This is the craziest trip ever. I’ll take you on a journey with me when I recap over the next few entries.

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