I’m not in love with the holidays. It’s mostly because I don’t share the wonderful memories of my family being around the Thanksgiving table while we feast on turkey and numerous sides. Sure, we had a few years like this—mostly Cornish hens than turkey of course but it hadn’t lasted since we had a broken home. In high school, I went over to friends. In college, I did the same. I figured most people would get tired of leftovers if it went on too long so it would be only wise to help them have a smaller batch.

This year, with the new president, I know many people weren’t looking forward to hanging with their families with different political views. I don’t blame them. I was invited to my bf’s family’s feast. I’m really thankful to them. Indeed, we all share different political views (it might be shocking to some that my bf and I also have different political views). However, we went through without shouting matches. Our relationship sometimes deals with us communicating our opposing views in practical ways while navigating our lives. I’m so appreciative of it.

Roast Turkey dinner, with hands in the background (source).

As an outsider, I realized that every moment I’ve spent with his family there’s an opportunity to learn something new and contribute.

As I’m getting older, more and more of where I belong is questioned and shaping my future being open to different opinions. So this Thanksgiving, I was once again welcomed into the tribe. So how do you participate in a tribe who might have different political views?

Show and tell!

I spent the afternoon creating footage for my bf’s sister who is in the military abroad. I figured she would enjoy a video of everyone at home who missed her. So I did that.

I do empathize with many peers who have issues that their families don’t relate to. I can see why they would be stressed being around family for the holiday. Many of the issue people have affected their very existence.

If I wasn’t with Mike, I’d be inviting friends over or making my way to someone’s home. So tonight, I welcomed every text that I received and thought about how each person fits in my life. I’m thankful and so grateful for where I am now.

As for our president, I’m thankful that much is changing. I’m being the change I want to see in the world.

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Homemade cranberry sauce:  Homemade cranberry sauce, Thanksgiving food background with copy space viewed from above


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