I’ve been curious to know the percentage of people in the world who make above the standard of living. I imagined that if each of them joined together and donated $1 or more to ending poverty what a significant change that would be.

It saddens me to see suffering of others because of their misfortunes. True, it may seem like not everyone can be saved but I think if we get strength in numbers, we can definitely end poverty.

Another thing that seems sad, lack of education. I grew up, realizing that knowledge is infact power.¬† It’s the one thing that no one can steal from you. It allows you to make seemingly correct decisions whether it’s based on facts or experiences of others. However, knowledge seems to be more accessible to the fortunate.

Its indeed sad that two extremely significant problems cannot be easily solved , however I am doing my best to influence those situations that I have encountered. It’s starts with me being a volunteer.

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