I loved the debate tonight, especially how Palin lied.

I went to Queens to watch it with my friend. On my way, I saw a crackhead waiting at the LIRR stop, so I wrote about her:

There she was in complete disarray. High, on crack, drunk – from alcohol, her two bags in hand. She was mumbling words that I just couldn’t understand. She sure scared me some. I almost couldn’t tell her the time when she asked. I almost couldn’t decipher the words she was asking. I almost didn’t believe her, well I didn’t initially, when she said that the train was late. It came 4 minutes later but not until she incoherently mentioned her observed state of drunkenness and loose inhibitions. She walked away and deshelved her already unplaced hair. She pulled up her pants that were falling down, grabbed her bags and ran towards the car that I was heading to…

I’ve never seen a crackhead before.

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