This is my family tree… well part of it anyway… there’s over 280 people related to me and total of 800 connected. So it doesn’t show that..

Anyway venting…

I’ll be honest, I like helping people get things done but I am just so tired. am so fed up with these long days and living in the office. Yes I am complaining. I wish there really was an incentive to working that long at least -for example: monetary compensation. I think it’s because it takes me away from some freelance and I would certainly love some cash – I have absolutely no Xmas money! So yah don’t expect anything from me this year with my $950 per month rent.

Today I found out that there’s actually bonuses at some other agencies. I am just drained from living here. The trains aren’t comfortable, the wait is annoying at night, sometimes I don’t think it’s safe travelling late, the distance from point A to point B is ridiculous. Also I have been so tired lately. Everything is annoying me. There’s an AC vent that drives me out of my mind everyday it’s near my desk. The music that I blast that does no justice.

Also now I am on the train and some men are beating a drum that’s definitely not helping my headache. Ugh! Seriously I just think I need to increase my coffee dosage. I think corporate America makes you live fewer years. I should be happy that I have a job though – we are in a depression.

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