So I am trying my best to write my blog but I am so caught up with work again. Work is going to be a crazy place until the end of the month.

I am enjoying the idea of having a super mysterious relationship. I just assure you all that he is good to me so just be happy for me. He did tell me that he is a nice guy so this shouldn’t be a shock to me.

I am currently on the train and the woman sitting next to me keeps looking at me. I think it’s because of my hair. I blow dried it this morning so it’s extra fluffy even if I tried straightening it abit. A guy just also sat next to me. He had been checking me out ever since he got into the train LOL. Well I am keeping my headphones in (in life talk this means Do Not Disturb). Talking about that – there’s a guy who keeps stalking me. I may have to start heading into work earlier because of this. He first met me at the laundry. He and his friend tried hitting on me and I made it apparent that I wasn’t interested. Yet every time he sees me he insists on walking next to me or getting me attention when I brush him off or speed up to get away. I give him a mean look because I have my iPod and I don’t want to chat yet he doesn’t get it. A few times I asked him to just leave me alone. Next time, I am going to just ask his name and talk to the cops about it.

I am also entertaining the idea of moving to a new state! Isn’t that exciting? I still have awhile so I have much to think about. I have no idea what I am going to do about “Design Lady NYC” if I do… mmm much to think about

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