Train again this time heading to work by 9:17. Listening to Janet Jackson feedback since I am standing. I need to start bringing bottles of water because it’s warm and I am thirsty. God forbid if  the train gets delayed for a crazy amount of time one day.

I miss “him,” I feel like I have a bf in the military at this point. However we have been really busy this time of year.

I was actually supposed to be at wok earlier than this but as usual I got sidetrack. Also my Italian roommate soaked the bathroom. Yah you didn’t read wrong.

How does one soak a bathroom?

So it started yesterday, I got in and had to pee. I sent to sit on the “throne” and the mat was soaked. I was like WTF. So I asked him about it and he tells me that it’s because he came in with  his shoes. WTF did he stand on the mat until ice from his shoes melted? Why did he walk all the way into the house with his icy shoes anyway?

Anyway last night I hung up both mats muttering bad words under my breath which I am sure he didn’t understand since English isn’t his first language.

This morning when I went into the bathroom after his shower to do my hair and the ENTIRE floor was covered with water. I am not even exaggerating. To make things worst, I had left a mop in the bathroom which he could have used and he hadn’t!

I asked him WTF (in better words) he told me that it must be because of the shower curtain since it was opened. I state at him in disbelief… WHO the hell showers with the shower curtain opened?

I hate roommates. I hope I can live on my own soon.

2 thoughts on “Moments

  1. msdecember

    man that would really make me pissy. there is nothing i hate most than wet rugs in the bathroom.

  2. JadeJewel

    @msdecember – He actually did it again this morning :-/

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