So, I will definitely try my best to write this blog as thoroughly as possible so that you can experience what I have experienced.  As some of you know, I was in L. A. for the Adobe MAX conference.

First off, Adobe Max (make it a trending topic) is the best thing that has happened all year! Before I get into everything, I have to say getting here was a great experience also. I spent the night at Shweta’s and Tony’s in Astoria (I don’t even want to explain the trip en route but I had really delicious curry when I got there! Thanks Shweta (@digli)!)

Shweta and I finished up our shirts. I wore, “I’m function() looking for an EventListener” and she wore, “I’m EventListener, looking for a function().”


Have any of you flew on Virgin America? I love their multitouch screens at the back of the seats. I originally got this flight because it had wifi (which they failed to say you’d have to pay for – so i didn’t get it. I figured I could go 6 hours without having to use the internet (I know – kinda scary)).




Everything cost money, so being the thoughtful women that we are, we got ourselves some grub before boarding. Then we ordered only free stuff (you know, coffee, soda, water)… I don’t feel bad now that I am flying back on jetBlue.

So on during our 6 hour flight, I coded Shweta’s website in html, css & jQuery (AJAX), Check it out. I finished it in about 3-4 hours :-)! It was fun though, I thought of it as a challenge.

So, This is how MAX BEGINS:

We got there around 1 PM and my friend Julian (that I hadn’t seen in forever, thinks it’s a great idea to take me to have a DOUBLE DOUBLE at In-N-Out Burger and Animal Fries (most calorific thing I have eaten all year maybe).

The first thing I did was register of course. So I got a fancy waterbottle and lanyard. The lanyard opened into a 4GB USB drive! Talk about creative!

IdentificationSomething makes me uneasy about this tag, let’s leave it at that. 🙁

4GB USB driveThe lanyard.

Water bottleThen we went to In-N-Out Burger.

Animal fries

In and Out Burger

Following that, I went to check in and met up with bad-ass radiesel. Then I went to a social mixer where I ran into none other than one of my professors from college (Adam Smith!). Always great to see people from RIT! I’m so proud of them!

My sister and her friend also visited me ;-).
4Rachel Diesel and Adam Smith.

I also hung out with some other cool folks/evangelists/developers/attendees/speakers etc.

Shweta OkeThis is Justin Mclean (from classsoftware) & Shweta. Justin’s from Australia. He actually had a session on the last day of MAX.

Everyone seemed so approachable!

After the digital mixer, a few of us went to iHop then retired for the night.


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