Having this 3 days in a row = not so good but it’s free hotel breakfast but this is what we had every day.

DAY 1 – Conference Day…

It’s only the first day and I’m seeing the most amazingly innovative things!

The design of the conference (by the way) was put together by a company I’m familiar with and Rachel works for: AKQA.

Congratulations guys! It looked amazing! Red Interactive (you know how amazing their work is!) was also involved.

We ventured out to the first General Session.

They said to use the crosswalk but Shweta ignores…

Shweta Crossing

Before entering the building, we had to go through some sort of CUSTOMS like airport security. I saw a girl with a cool hat, I asked to take her photo.

Girl with HatThen while seated, we took in everything…


First off, I finally got to see who makes ADOBE what it is. I met some great guys from @deMonsters. Their business cards are so creative! Erik van de Wiel, Ferdi Koomen & Paul Reijnierse deMonsters…

Business Cards


I placed their stickers on my laptop and they posted it on their blog :-). Here’s the pic [link to their post]


The general session actually opened up with youths who work with Adobe + Black Eyed Peas.

They did a singing/choreographed session with some design which was pretty cool! Followed by Shantanu Narayen, President & CEO of Adobe.


Followed by Kevin Lynch, Chief Technology Officer.

It was also announced that the founders of Adobe was appointed the 2009 National Medal of Technology & Innovation by President Barack Obama.

So many amazing things were announced, such as where Flash is going… especially in Flash 10.1 I got some stats of how long the phone lasts with motion:
Active State of Video lasts 3.4 hours
Active State of Animation lasts 6.5 hours
Low power with animations lasts 14.5 hours…

Flash 10.1

Isn’t that amazing?

Here are some more videos:

I posted some more on my facebook page.


Then all of a sudden, there was a spoof of mythbusters with Adobe MythHackers…staring Kevin Lynch and Johnny Loiacono.

Adobe went into some more details about Omniture but sadly the speaker wasn’t very entertaining and people started tweeting negatively. I felt terrible for not being interested either :(. HOWEVER, the merge of Adobe + Omniture = AMAZING. Having tracking in one software/company/provider makes our lives as online advertisers easier I think.

We got sneaked peak never before seen clips of AVATAR which were superb!! I will be watching this the night it comes out! What’s so great about this movie: It’s in 3D (they gave us 3D glasses), It uses all Adobe software, & it appears to have a great storyline… I love Sci-fi though, so I might be bias.


After this session.. I went to Student Work and Curricular Design at RIT. As some of you know, I attended the Rochester Institute of Technology and I am extremely elated when I see the amazingly innovative things that come from that school… They started a new major there for Interactive Games and Media (Why wasn’t this there when I attended! I’d so do that!)

Prof. PhelpsThis is Andrew Phelps explaining about some of the Academic/Industry Partnership with their program.



This session was mostly to show how Adobe products were used and the students worked in teams to discover new technologies.  Interactive Games and Media Department at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). The products used in here were Flex, Flash, Director, and Photoshop.

My next session was called Creative Suite 4 Evangelists’s Shootout.

They showed some really nifty tricks in inDesign, Bridge, etc. The speakers were: Paul Burnett, Rufus Deuchler & Jason  Levine. I was excited to finally meet Rufus since he followed me on twitter after I couldn’t find my Adobe Design Premium Package.

EvangelistsThe object of this session was to outdo each other. However, I loved all the tips that they presented.


My next session was From Big Screen to Browser, Desktop, and Mobile Device with Adobe Flash CS4.

The speakers were Jesse Resnick, Evan DeHaven & Jeff Lin.

They demoed entertainment brands that used Flash CS4. One of the companies, The Visionaire Group used this for Universal’s Fast & Furious 4 (HOT!). (The only thing I didn’t like about the Fast and Furious Campaign is that they had an entire campaign that tried to get to the male demographic but I wish they did something for women who were really into vin diesel’s hotness! Anyway…)

Another, Ignition Interactive explained how they used it for Disney/Pixar movie UP. Etc etc… everything was simply amazing. Here’s some eye candy:

Fast and Furious

Up the Movie


Finally, I had Advanced AfterEffects Workflows for Flash Professional

It was interesting seeing how easy it was to integrate workflows from AfterEffects into Flash interchangeably. He showed how to turn keyframes into cuepoints to be used in Flash. I loved that this feature was demoed again because I had forgotten all about using it 🙂 I love After Effects.

Immediately after this session, we went off to mingle with others in the Community Lounge.

Community Lounge

I stayed and spoke to some people. I also met with my favorite Evangelist again, Rufus.

Jerlyn Thomas & Rufus D.

David Blaine also made an appearance.

David Blaine

Then I met up with Anissa | @anissat

We checked out some Max Awards, we really liked All Girls Arcade.

AnissaAnissa’s a very talented lady who introduced me to some other folks such as Stefanie Sullivan from (W3Conversions.com).

After mingling, I went off to meet others … called it a night somewhere after that!

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    Thank you for giving us a little taste of AdobeMax, Jerlyn. Makes me want to plan to go next year. 😉

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