Jerlyn Thomas Nike Plus Human Race

I ran the Nike Human Race 10K on the 24th. I really enjoyed it. Out of 3,464 runners I came in at 1890th – which isn’t bad I think for my first 10K.

Here are my results:

1890thMy knee didn’t hurt at all. I did have Physical therapy which seems to be helping, I guess it will make my muscles stronger. I have to calm down with the running however… the therapist shakes his head every time we speak of me and physical activity.

Anyway, I had the chance to take some photos on a walk that I went on yesterday during work hours. I am really enjoying beauty that surrounds me lately… life is so gorgeous sometimes and people can be so creative.

Fall is my favorite season because of all the colors that I see… we don’t usually have this in the Caribbean and that has been the most interesting of seasons to me ever since I’ve lived in the United States.

FallI took a photo of a tree on my walk…

billboardI like sexy billboard photos, in chelsea.


I love how the GTA ads are posted at a parking lot.

jim I love that this museum looks secluded… because if you peak inside, you can see works by carole feuerman whose exhibit will be closed this week… (yesterday it wasn’t opened either).

caroleI love that a restaurant (The Empire Diner) gives you instructions to “EAT”

eatand a bookstore nearby tells you to “READ.”


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