I know… 5 days later. Apparently I do not keep this blog updated enough. There’s just been so much.

I’ve started off the year doing things that I do not normally do. My ex-coworker and friend Johanna is actually staying over at my spot for awhile.

1st – We spent New Years Day hanging with a friend who is now living in Sunny Florida. Then Johanna and I went to Spa Castle in Flushing, NY for the rest of the day (which was amazing I’ll let you know that! It was only $45 for the entire day!).

2nd – I don’t even remember but relaxing was involved.

3rd – We went to church then met up with Steph (from work) and went to the Rubin Museum of Art where we got our palms read by a very cool man (who is also a doctor with the Palindrome name of Nitin).

4th – I went to work but it wasn’t as hectic as I imagined it would be.

5th – Work again but also a very productive day! Then I tried something called Sahaja Yoga with Johanna – which I’m not too sure about as yet (might be a cult or something who knows… but It was nice to just meditate).

Knock on wood* on a good first 5 days of the new year.

One of my resolutions wasn’t to update my blog more – so I can’t promise that!

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