Jose and I went to see Ripley’s Believe it or Not! in Timesquare. I really enjoyed it.

I got tickets last week before the news so it came in handy for the midweek date night. Groupons are great and if you aren’t already on there in your major city, you should join.

Anyway, tonight was incredibly fun, I am lucky to be around someone who is into art as I am (usually I meet people who use museum visits as a pretentious experience or they put on facade in attempts to relate to me somehow). I just really enjoy looking at art for inspiration so I’d go out of my way to see and study it.

I remember wishing that I could be in the circus when I was younger. It’s not like I had a talent or abnormality – I just liked the idea of traveling and entertaining thousands. What a thrill that might be! I imagined how the people might be traveling together – they probably were like a tight knit family. I am sure that the shows were as exhilerating… The performances done in perfection and the crowds reaction to things that are unfamiliar. I really would have ran away to a circus if available in the Caribbean where I lived, sorry mom and dad.

Here are some photos of our experience, the rest might be added to Design Lady NYC on facebook:

This was made entirely of gumballs

Smallest Car (a person a little over 6 feet can fit)

Yes I’m tall

Car Boat


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