I never really paid too much attention to the sculptures around broadway before and came across them again yesterday.

I actually did ignore them until I overheard someone said, “Wow look at the people on the roofs!” I looked up and replied, “they are sculptures.” The guy thought there were “jumpers,” he apparently was a tourist.

I counted 5 of them on my way to the Museum of Sex. There were done by 59-year-old Anthony Gormbley.

When I uploaded them to facebook yesterday, Kim Easley brought it to my attention that there are a great deal of them around Manhattan.

I did some research when she told me the artist’s name and I came across a map from the NY Times. They also mentioned, “the New York City Police Department pre-emptively reassured the public that the figures were not potential jumpers on the verge of committing suicide.”

I want to take a walk and take photos of them all. I really like them. He did some of them in London as well. This one in NYC was called “Event Horizon.”

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