When I reminisce about growing up in the Caribbean I realized how fortunate I am. Thus far, I have spent over 3/4 of my life in a completely different environment and timezone (partially yearly). I think that’s amazing. Last week, I visited my 2nd home, St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands.

For those of you who are new to my blog: I was born in the Caribbean, yes I’m an island girl. I was born on the island of Dominica (the commonwealth of, not the Dominican Republic). However, I lived on the island of St. Croix since I was 11 years old. I do have family and  friends who currently live there as well.

I got in Wednesday (23rd of June) night after 6 hours of flying. It was the craziest flight that I’ve ever had here because the pilot almost couldn’t land. He made a first attempt which was actually in a lightning storm. The plane was out of control so he made the choice to climb altitude and approach the landing strip a second time. Thankfully we landed safely.

Some years ago, while with my ex, he told me that the worse part of flying is actually take-off (it has the highest crash rate). Ever since then, my stomach has been in knots on take-off. I had a terrible take-off two New Year’s eves ago.

Anyway, we landed and it was raining. I assumed this would be how my vacation would pan out: I would be stuck indoors with all the rain.

However, I did all the important things like get really delicious food:

Sing some karaoke at a local bar (Sharky’s) and hung out with my sister a little.

I met with my godson’s mother (my best friend from junior high) and her sons.

It was pouring that night however the thought that I wouldn’t have a beach day disappeared when we finally got a break. There was another thunderstorm on Friday night. I realized that it was just a part of the paradise experience (something that I should have gotten used to).

On Saturday morning, I got to see my dad do a time trial race. It was awesome to watch. My dad is in his forties and he often reminds people of “how old he is.” He did well … for an old man *smh* (shake my head).

I do get much of that drive from my father, where I love exercising. I try to always push my body to new heights (sadly I slacked off before vacation though and there was a false alarm where I thought I gained 20 lbs).

After the race, I went to the beach with Frankie and his family (they were all so awesome). I love seeing other families get along with each other. What was great about this part: Frankie and I decided to purchase beers and drink them in the street (which is not done in NYC).

I also tried to get him to stop smoking ( a huge peeve of mine ). I’m happy that by the end of the trip, he realized why I despise smoking as a vice. He started an exercise regime, I’m so proud of him!

We stopped to get some Armstrong’s Icecream (the best icecream on the island).

My sister and I had dinner with my dad.

Then I met with my friends again. We went dancing that evening which was pretty fun (at Pickled Greek which had a disco night going on).

On Sunday, I got to go to the Mango Melee celebration.

I also made a stop to see my brother’s grave in the day at some point.

RIP. Gilbert.

I went to hang out with my mother and sister.

By the next day, I was packed and ready to leave but I had a little headache and needed some coconut water. Being used to the NY lifestyle, I called Frankie to ask him where I could get coconut water (duh we are on an island). He said we can get it. Instead of purchasing it as I assumed (still duh I am on an island) he brought a bottle with water from 4 coconuts. I was overjoyed. I had the REAL DEAL then we were en route to the airport.

While at the airport the power went. Something you need to understand about the islands: power always go. Sadly, the airport got affected by this (bad). They had generators but it didn’t power the computers (bad). Thankfully, it got on back in time for me to check and catch the flight (whew!).

That was my trip, I was happy to escape the concrete jungle for awhile but you’d be surprised how much I love NY even if I’m island girl.

2 thoughts on “I am an island girl

  1. Phillip Kerman

    In his forties–AND he can ride a bike!

    Looks like a fun time though… reminds me of what I remember from a visit I made to Jamaica.

  2. Arthur Cundy

    Looks very bright and colorful..as with everything else in the islands. I’ve been to Antigua a few times. Glad you had fun.

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