What did Jerlyn do yesterday? Pole dancing.

I got a groupon for pole dancing last year and I decided to redeem it since it was about to expire. I was supposed to go with other girlfriends but naturally I am the only one with the bal-I mean guts to do it.

It was at New York Dance. 333 w 52nd street.

The thing is: I am constantly evolving and I like that. My biggest fear has been remaining stagnant in my life. So I am happy when I get the chance to try something different or new.  I have kept my resolution to remain happy up until now (so why stop right?).

With this decision, I try things that are out of the ordinary for me yup even activities like pole dancing. It counted as my 85 days of training (I have started to train for a 1/2 marathon). Yesterday was a cross training day … and pole dancing kicked my ass.

By the way, pole dancing has nothing to do with stripping (so quit trying to visualize this) and I am not attempting to change my career soon (it won’t be pole dancing if it changes). However, if I ever go to a strip club (I will give props to the girls who do it not that I condone their profession – I am sure that politically this post will affect me later) or a pole dancing competition, I will applaud them because it takes a tremendous amount of strength to do it.

1. I almost failed at lifting myself on the pole. I got it a couple minutes before the class ended.
2. You need to keep in rhythm and sexiness ( I am sure I failed in one of these).
3. You need to make it look flawless ( I was a huge clutz).
4. Not every girl  gets this. ok, it’s my first time and my friends know that I constantly persevere at everything that I do so who knows, maybe I would get this with practice (entertains the idea of getting one for my bedroom).

My instructor was the lovely Gabrielle Valliere. She danced for the NFL for five years and is currently becoming a nurse, (according to my research when she mentioned it yesterday). She is amazing! She’s very fit and everything she did was completely graceful (and sexy).

Theres’s definitely a confident, sexy and strong physique from the dancers that I have seen from the videos of the competitions on youtube. I hope to get to that point of fitness one day.

Will I do it again? Well I have one more class (with Lauren Goldstein) and it will count as my cross training haha. Next up, street salsa ;).

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