Great movie, go see it. If Mark Zuckerberg is truly like that — he reminds me of many nerds I grew up with (wait a minute, I am a nerd).

However, he can’t add Erica Albright (even if I am sure he can access the account) because imagine what law suits might ensue. So, will it be forever “Awaiting friend confirmation?” I hope this isn’t a spoiler. Go see the movie (and be nice to nerds because they get great ideas that make them billionaires — just sayin’).

By the way, Erica Albright is allegedly Jessica Alona (not sure whether that’s true) or not.

**Jesse Eisenberg says he doesn’t even watch TV or use social networks even if he acted in such a successful movie.

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14 Comments on “Why Mark Zuckerberg can’t add Erica AlBright to his friends list?”

  1. Zuckerberg is the world youngest billionaire, but all the money in the world won’t make Erica love him, or even notice him, or even add him to her friends list. Nice end shot in the movie with Mark looking up Erica’s Facebook page.

  2. Ahh… I think Erica will notice him.. or else she is blind.. Hard for somebody not to notice him in theese days:-)

  3. This was the greatest movies I have seen , I love FB , this film also inspire me in computer programming (coding ) , wow , nothing else to say . He’s genius !!!!

  4. hi! i’m an italianf girl who have seen the film:”the social network”.
    i want know many things:
    1-what does mark think about this film?
    2-does erica albright exist??
    3-mark’s ex-best friends….where is he?is he a mark’s colleague at the end?

    thank you and sorry me for the english mistakes!!!

    • I’m really not sure, I think that’s what everyone also wonders…
      1. <– I think he disapproves of it.
      2. This movie has fiction in it, there has to be a reason why he started this site and it's possible that she did or didn't (might not be her name).
      3. At the end of the credits, they said his name was added back on and there's a show now called Facebook Obsessions (I haven't seen yet) that might answer that.

    • Well, they didn’t make this movie about Bill Gates so maybe no one cares on that matter :). Besides, the Mark Zuckerberg story is more recent and he is the youngest billionaire for our generation so it’s sort of a big deal in comparison to Gates.

  5. 1. Mark said that the facts were real but not the atitude of the characters
    2.erica albright really exists
    3. i dont know

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