Where do I find artistic inspiration? (repost)

Have you ever wondered how many designers, illustrators, art directors, photographers and other creative people come up with amazing works of art? Most of these ideas come from inspirations that can come from a variety of sources such as: Food, Fashion, Nature, Other artists, Found Objects, Photography, etc.

For this post I will answer a few questions:
1. How do I get inspired?
2. What materials/devices do I use to record them?
3. How do I organize them?

1. How do I get inspired?

I believe art comes from many sources in life. One of the areas I draw largely from is my background (I’m from an island in the Caribbean) and culture. From my culture I focus on many things from the way people dress, the foods they eat, the colors that change their moods, how they interact with each other, the music and movies they like, etc. All of these things allow me to learn what appeals to them and helps me create things that communicate to them nonverbally.

Music and Food seem to be my two favorite sources of inspiration. I like music because it appeals to people’s moods. They can love, or hate it – the same with food. The challenge for me artistically is to play music that others can dance to, and when people get hungry, feed them so that they are content.

Hopefully this analogy was understood – in other words, I like to create things that make others excited and create a familiarity or happy medium. In music, the right set of beats, tones, or instruments make the listener enjoy the composition, when to others it might sound like noise. I love when songs appeal to me because it helps my thoughts flow better. With food, presentation is appealing but taste seals the deal. Nothing’s more rewarding than asking for seconds because the meal was delicious.

2. What devices/materials do I use to record them.

a. Sketch/Note Books

I’m never without a sketchbook – In fact, I have many. A few on my bookshelves, one on my desk, one in my bookbag and one on my nightstand.

I doodle everyday — during meetings, while on the phone, during commutes, and in the middle of the night if an idea wakes me.

b. Photos

Don’t you love cell phone cameras? They seem to make everything really convenient these days. Especially when you find something that’s inspiring.

I take at least one photo per day with my cellphone camera. These photos are then posted, emailed or digitally manipulated. I highly suggest practicing this, especially for references. Take photos of things that interest you: the majority of my photos are of food (naturally), patterns, colors that appear in repetition (I love red) and people.

I’m also armed with a digital point and shoot camera (for higher quality recordings) and a digital SLR that I take out once in awhile when I pretend to be a real photographer.

c. Video Camera

Fortunately, many point and shoot cameras and cell phone cameras are equipped with video cameras. This is the same idea as taking photos but I love footage because I can record better shadows, positions and depth. Photos can seem flat, and video helps you get around the subject.

d. Blogs

Writing also helps to develop your work. I enjoy this because I get feedback from the outside world. So feel free to let me know: What do you use to record your inspiration?

3. How do I organize them?

As a product of this technology wave, I use sites such as flickr, tumblr, picasa and facebook to organize my photos. I can create albums and organize them chronologically or prioritize them by ideas that I want to use in the near, or far, future. You may want to do so. If you already use these websites, how do you organize them?

My sketchbooks aren’t as organized as my photos; I scan sketches that I expect to recreate and upload them to private albums or prioritize them within folders of my external hard drive.

Tell me some ways that you get inspired!

2 thoughts on “Unleashing inner creativity

  1. kiki

    I don’t have a method for inspiration, it just happens but I feel like if I’m constantly creating then the creative process is easier.

  2. Thomas Fjordside

    I’m not really good at organizing my photos or sketches at all. I just tend to look through them when I’m stuck. I like to take a lot of pictures and uploading them to flickr and I do some organizing there, but I could definately be better at it.

    On the other hand I don’t want it to be all line up as I get really good ideas from things, that aren’t even remotely connected.

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