Today’s #LetsBlogOff topic is “Write your own obituary.” As morbid an interest this is I found it fascinating that I couldn’t really express myself. My brother’s obituary didn’t say much about him when he passed away. Nothing about his hobbies or what he was known as besides his nickname. I do wonder what would be written of me when I do pass. In this post I sort of had to discover myself in a few words. I don’t want anyone else mentioned besides my immediate family. Is that wrong? Read my less than 208 word Obituary written by myself following the assignment details:

“Death and taxes. None of us can escape either and while you can’t do anything about paying taxes, nothing says you have to trust your relatives to write your exit speech — your obituary.”


Jerlyn ‘Jade’ Thomas*, a vivacious self-proclaimed geekstar and polymath, dies at 25.

Jerlyn born on the island of Dominica, moved to the U. S. Virgin Islands and established her home in NYC,  had dedicated most of her life to her passions of trying to encourage others through various forms of creativity. She’s best known for and She passed away on January 4th, 2011 during this blog post.

Adults encouraged Jerlyn’s thirst for a creative outlet at a young age. She quickly found a fascination in computers. She realized that her post secondary education would involve computers and art when her illustrations were published and she experienced minor celebrity in the papers for her web-development knowledge. Her first employer encouraged her to seek a career off-shore.

Jerlyn leaves behind her parents, Jennifer and Joseph, and sisters Luxi, Jay and Liz. Jerlyn was single and unmarried with a rumored lover.

No funeral or viewing — her body was cremated to be spread in the ocean where she learned to scuba-dive.

In remembrance of Jerlyn, an all day open bar has been organized at her favorite bar next Thursday. If you were a close acquaintance, you will know the details.


*Disclaimer: This topic was also difficult because a family member of ours just passed away before the new year. I’m not dead. However, it will be quite morbid if I did die on this day. Also, I chose cremation but I’m actually an organ-donor.

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4 thoughts on “R. I. P. @jerlyn’s obituary

  1. Joseph

    I especially like the last line of this!

  2. Steve Mouzon

    “… with a rumored lover.” Great line! Sometimes I think I’m too face-value, and that it’s better when people don’t immediately know everything about us.

  3. DeonNR

    🙂 I love the fact we have the same wishes: No viewing! No funeral! Cremate whatever is left after ORGAN DONATIONS and spread anywhere in the Caribbean Ocean cause that is home.

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