I am in no way a natural hair enthusiast. I don’t know enough about hair to be one, especially with my hair. I never had any interest in caring about how it looked.

I think people should do whatever they want in their hair that makes things easier.

However, since some relaxers have been damaging people’s scalps and extensions have ruined healthy hair, I think people should be concerned about what goes into their hair (just like I am very concerned about what I’ve put into my body lately).

Relaxers never bothered me (photo on left) however, after some highlights the texture of my hair changed (Thanks hairdresser!) and with my constant running I could no longer worry about my hair.

Once it got highlighted, although it looked amazing, it was short-lived. I’m definitely all for hairdressers to make money on styling however, I asked all the right questions about whether it would be low maintenance. It turns out that it wasn’t. Prior, I could have run to my heart’s content and never batted an eye if I washed my hair and pulled it into one right after. With the highlights, it was extra work to detangle and as my hair grew out, thicker and thicker… It just got worse.

(hair with highlights that I didn’t need)

A few weeks ago I went to visit my sister in Virginia and she took a pair of shears to my hair.

My sister has had natural hair before her daughter’s birth.

It really looks incredible on her:

Prior to her cutting it off, I tried a variety of hairstyles since I basically ignored my hair’s need for a relaxer.

This is how my hair looked after my sis cut it. I don’t even consider it a “big chop,” it seems like my hair was long enough to have been cut months before. It can almost go into a ponytail (or puffy tail haha).


What’s really interesting: Now I have to reconsider how I style my hair. I hadn’t my hair like this since 7th grade and it turns out that it’s a lot easier to manage. After my run, I simply shower from head to toe. Then I slide a band and I’ve started accessorizing:

The only thing that seems bothersome is getting helmet hair after I bike to the gym:

Other than that, I really enjoy the new look:

(realize the texture of my hair changed in this pic, I flat-ironed my hair and it might have damaged my curls *tear)

Anyway, that’s the update. My new look (and I can’t wait for it to  grow longer):

Now to stop people from touching it! Other than that, it seems to have improved my dating life :).

Is your hair natural? What do you do to it? Any advice?

3 thoughts on “I went natural, a short hair journey

  1. Kiki

    You look so cute!

  2. Shanna

    LOL at the dating lifestyle.

    Obviously the natural hair is gorgeous, in the end I wish I didn’t relax mines but no worries. I can always go back yet. http://www.curlynikki.com/ Curly Nikki has always been an inspiration and with ladies want to transition back. I usually send them there, you should send it an article.

    But the natural curls are beautiful and easier to maintain. Just make sure to hydrate well. I made an aloe vera juice spray for myself and steph, it has avocado oil, peppermint oil, extra virgin Olive oil, extra virgin coconut oil, eucalyptus oil, and rosemary oil mixed into it. Natural, Therapuetic, Moisturizing, and healhy. easy to use and apply!

    Enjoy the curls J!

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