If you’re one of my friends you’re aware that I do these 30-day challenges to improve my life ever so slightly. I’ve done them for a couple of years now but I started mentioning it last year. I’ve done things such as: be a vegetarian for a month, be sober, have no coffee, do 50 push-ups daily, learn a yoga pose per day, run everyday for at least 1 mile, workout everyday, try Paleo, compliment a random stranger, remove refined sugars, limit salt intake, catch up with a different friend on Facebook daily, etc… just to name a few. I’ve learned something new for each experience and my friend Gardenia suggested that I document this. I’m about to.

So, I’m the type of person who cannot quit learning to improve myself so this works for me. I’ve tried so many things from tap dancing to getting a bar tending license, scuba diving, parasailing, pole dancing, shooting guns, paint ball, massage classes, drama, studying personal training, running a marathon, etc. However, I’m trying to encourage others to do the same now… in 30 days. Just choose 1 activity, or 2.

This month my challenge to improve myself is: try different eye makeup and wear nothing new. I’ll try to document most on Instagram and partial updates on this blog (which is currently being revamped since it’s about that time). Last month I ran everyday for at least one mile and I ran a total of 86 miles which was 15 miles more than what I did last year during the month of March.

I think it gets easier for me after 2 weeks has gone by since its starting to become a habit. You already do things daily that developed from creating a habit. Here’s a few other ideas if you’d like to try a challenge:

Drink a gallon of water daily
Dance everyday
Add protein and veggies to every meal
Practice a new language (I’m still trying to revisit this habit).
Take a photo per day
Sketch daily
Write daily
Cook daily
Talk to a different friend daily
Make up your own (let me know what it is!)

To start off. Here’s my outfit of the day (OOTD):



and what I did for eye makeup:

Eye Shadow

By the way… While I continue my permanent habit of remaining fit 30 days at a time follow what I’ve learned on 30for30fit on Facebook and launch of the website. <3.

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