Valentine & JerlynI’m attempting to meet with my talented friends (all my friends are talented) as I am on this extended privilege hiatus (more about this in an upcoming post) to write about them on this blog.

This past week I’ve done so much including trying out a new drink-and-draw scene called the Bat Haus and meeting up with Valentine.

I knew Val for awhile now, first on a random website and finding out that we were part of the same running team.

I finally made an effort to visit his exhibit—unfortunately I missed the first one—in Long Island City at a place called the Local.

This way to  Local

First off, the Local has quite the original business plan. I love that a few people decided to team up together to create an atmosphere that is supposed to be a semi-upscale hostel. It has art on the walls, this time Valentine‘s, events ran by the owners and their peers, and a full bar out front.
the Local
Val was asked to present some of his work. I’ve seen the progression of a few of them before on his Instagram. Now that I finally got to see them in person—it was a sight to behold. After hanging at The Local for a little I got to also see his studio, which wasn’t very far from where we were.
Val studied at FIT and he shared some of his past portfolio including his love for comic books that I can see in much of his current work. His style is quite distinct.
Valentine Whittaker
I truly enjoyed learning his process and even how he priced his pieces (let’s just say that I won’t ever be able to afford any of his pieces). Hopefully you will! He has a show coming up on October 24th (there’s a halloween ball after). Check his instagram  @_Valentiine for details.

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