Make that moneyI’ve always wanted to write about the full-time jobs that I have had but I’ve been lucky that I let time pass so I could digest the experience and not appear disgruntled.
Often I have had ideas for “political” cartoons and comics but decided against them.
However, I’ve had some pretty terrible jobs, terrible bosses and terrible coworkers. I really wish they could be addressed. I even saw a past boss on the train that I completely ignored as he tried to get my attention—We can’t be friends he had a terrible coke habit that affected his daily work habits.
Despite those terrible experiences, I’ve had pretty amazing ones. I found that not every job was terrible, in fact I’ve actually learned from some bosses (even if it’s not to be like them) and some coworkers who I’ve formed some lasting friendships. I’m lucky to always approach each company with wanting to absorb as much as I can.
I always learned from situations (you only have one life). Nonetheless, I must state that my initial mindset from mentors of how my career would take off in a logical sense was apocryphal at best.  Not everything is black and white when it comes to “making it,” in this field.
I think as I’ve navigated this year, I’ve came more into the epiphany that not everyone I meet would have the same integrity for work as I would or know as much as I would. Also, unfortunately, I don’t want to say it: I’ve shockingly experienced racism. What?! Yea, I’m shocked also. I’m not ready to address this yet but this is only recent, that I’m aware of, most of my life I’ve just been bright-eyed and eager to learn everything.
Don’t worry, even I am not so perfect in all aspects. It took me awhile to realize that I’m just a hired professional to help foster dreams. Succinctly, that’s ok. Prior, it wasn’t that apparent. I wish many of the jobs I’ve had encouraged their workers to include their own dreams into the workday. I love what I do. I’m so fortunate for the talents I have been blessed with and worked on.
Anyway for the present: just as some strippers say—I’m just working here temporarily to save up to work on my real dreams. So now, I’m a freelancer.
It’s certainly a ballsy move but a smart one.
I’ve been programming since I was 10 and I majored in New Media Design and Imaging which covered most of this field. I’ve had a blog since age 11. This allowed me over my career to become:
  • An User Experience specialist
  • An Art Director
  • A WordPress Developer
  • An Interface Designer
  • A Social Media Consultant
I’ve also worked at startups, large agencies, small agencies, boutiques and from home.
So, I’ll be launching my tiny agency soon. I’m so nervous! Stay tuned. In the meantime, feel free to inquire about rates if you have a very enticing project.
Disclaimer: I’m not a stripper. I can’t dance—pole dancing is difficult! Can you imagine what coordination that would take?

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