I placed 1st in a race! I’m retiring now…

Wait, it’s not April 1st.
Women's heat
This past week I placed first at our OctoBeerFast mile. It certainly wasn’t predicted but I was striving for a personal best. It’s just so happened that with my attempt of a personal record (PR), I also came in as first female—with a proud 21 seconds ahead of the 2nd place winner.
During the spring, two other females did come ahead of me when I was trying to get it crushing all the teams previous female records so this PR was never intended to place. I was definitely excited about being 3rd because we had crushed that record (and because I came in 2nd at my first time and I had PRed at the 2nd attempt).
Why the beer mile?
Jerlyn at the beermileWell, let’s first talk about the mile. I love the mile race. I love speed but I adore distance and when I sprint, the 800-1600 distance is perfection. I do hope to get even faster on it. It’s a life goal. Now, the feeling (runners get high) that I get from it, becomes even more challenging when there’s liquid added. And, not just any liquid… carbonated liquid.
Beer is certainly an acquire taste. Although I’d argue there’s a type for everyone, some people do loathe it completed—which is fair.
I’d love to get a 6 minute mile on it but that’s probably not possible. For now I will take the 7:55.
How do you run it?
My favourite part is actually the warmup prior to the beer mile. We do a workout for about an hour and then we do the mile. By that time, I feel like it’s a reward… just like when I run a marathon, and the first thing I want is an ice-cold beer.
The rules according to beermile.com: “Each competitor drinks four cans of beer and runs four laps, ideally on a track (start – beer, then lap, then beer, then lap, then beer, then lap – finish).” There are more logistics like the 5% alcohol and a penalty lap if someone hurls. I like this because when the men run, most of them puke.
Personally, I try to chug the beer as fast as I can (I’m really not that fast at it and need to work on that). Then I burp during the first 100 meters… then I sprint. During the spring, at the 4th lap, I wasn’t able to burp at all and that got me worried. However, this time around, I was better. To be honest, this entire ordeal isn’t exactly pleasant, but I love a good challenge.
See, running could be fun. Running and beer, two of my favourite things. However, now, I’m more curious about winning an actual road race *gasps.* Maybe after I complete my two marathons (I’m running the Marine Corps Marathon this weekend and then the New York City Marathon for the 2nd time just a week after). Wish me luck!
By the way, this photo was my favourite from the photographer. It’s from one of the lovely girls who just joined the running team:
All photos in this entries are by Benjamin Pratt.
All photos in this entries are by Benjamin Pratt.

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