This weekend, I got the opportunity to attend a wedding. I’ve actually never been to one in my entire adult life (I was a flower girl once). I must say, it was so beautiful, that it made me consider — just a little bit though — about my own wedding one day. Most of you know how I feel about them.

The wedding was for Joe and Hanna. It was held at the Crystal Church in Queens. It was easily accessible by cab (besides a two hour public transit commute).

I arrived about a half hour early and met with a smiling Joe (who showed me how to write my name in Korean).

The entire wedding was in Korean so needless to say, we English Speakers missed all the great jokes — just when they said the good parts I am sure (they teased us by saying some words in English). However it was so incredible! After working with Joe for almost 2 years, I am so honored to see this part of his life. His wife is gorgeous, they make a very beautiful couple (The rest of the photos are here)

Delicious meal..

By the way, every time I have Octopus, I am going to remember when Joe took us to that place in Queens for Live Octopus.

As for what I wore: I wore a dress that I had never worn before. It is from Ann Taylor Loft and I had actually bought it a few years ago (summer of 2006) for a wedding which I didnt attend. Apparently I don’t always follow the, “if you have never worn it in a year,” rule.

I also wore a bag that I had never worn before (I might have gotten it in 2005).

… And some earrings given to me by mom :).

I also had a favorite pair of pumps by Steve Madden, sorry no photo here but you can see the photo from the facebook link.

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