So I signed up for the Brooklyn Half Marathon for May 21st this past week and I’ve started training. I also joined the NYC Road Runners (finally).

The last long distance race (besides the yearly Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Race)  I ran was over a year ago in October 2009 for The Human Race. I injured myself (Peripatellar Tendonitis) so 2010 was spent throwing myself pity parties because I was afraid that my leg would mess up again. I gained body fat and missed being in the best shape I was in my life.

A few weeks ago I said Fuck it! and bought a groupon from the Running Company (1059 3rd Avenue, NY 10065).

I  decide to add my Cushlons to retirement and just use recreationally (after being with me through over 320 miles).

They still look pretty good!

I went to the Running Company to buy myself a pair of new kicks.

I got a Nike Zoom Structure Triax+ 14 after I did a Gait Analysis where the shoe assistant explained that I had OverPronation.

What’s a gait analysis? It studies and identifies your running style. My Overpronation means my feet roll inward. Possibly the reason why I got injured in the first place… and I overused my legs. This time I’ll be cross training and taking ice baths so that I avoid longterm damage.

The shoe assistant was right about the shoe choice because Nike recommended it as the first choice when I did the footwear finder.

Anyway, I started training and I have been using Nike Plus as usual. The dashboard has a very nice schedule to follow from here until May 02 (13 weeks) where I get to run a total of 13.09 miles that day.

I’m researching diets and would certainly love your suggestions if you’re experienced. I spoke to my dad today about the race (he’s a cyclist) and he mentioned how important my diet will be.

He sounded proud of me signing up for it. I think it’s a fantastic personal goal and although I definitely have no realistic goals of running a full marathon, eventually I’d like to take up a bike, work on my swimming and train for a 1/2 ironman.

So earlier I did a 3 mile run (36 degress F). Today, Sunday, I’ll be working on my 4 mile run.

I have to be really creative about where I run because my area is limited with the outdoor track frozen over.

Probably I can run along the brooklyn bridge tomorrow and turn it into a full body workout by using what I learned from the Brooklyn Bridge Bootcamp this past summer.

Another reason to be creative, my neighborhood occupants are abit distracting.
Everyone seems fascinated that I’m running around on the sidewalks.
Can’t blame them, not many people run here (but I did see a cyclist in full gear).

After my run I had a delicious Cookies and Cream Protein Shake that I got from the GNC (store brand).

If I don’t have a body like my idol, Rutina Wesley, by May 21st… I’ll be disappointed!

Here’s the schedule for my 1/2 marathon training (the 30 minutes are for cross training exercises) :

Have you distance ran before and have any advice?

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