When I leave this earth, I want to leave something positive behind.

So my last will and testament would be for others to Find Themselves.

I’m sure most people will remember me from my art however, I know many folks who do not know what I do. Do I code? Do I run? Do I cook? Do I sew? Sure, I do all those things. I’m putting no limits to my development.

How do I make things look effortless? Practice and perseverance.

When people read my blog what do they get from it? Is it the fanpage that’s interesting or the nike mini running? Probably it’s my twitter account where I tweet random activities and thoughts during the day?

This is another #LetsBlogOff post and this topic reminds me so much about the obituary post because it makes it more and more apparent that my time on earth is actually limited.

Once again, this topic is quite challenging:

We’ve been thinking a lot about legacy lately. As bloggers, every update we publish adds to our legacies though we’re not so sure most bloggers think of it that way. Think about it though; every post is another graffito carved into the great wide wall that is the internet.

Aside from an electronic legacy, what other ways do you (or anybody for that matter) build and preserve your legacy? What is it with the whole human need for a legacy anyhow? Why is being remembered so important?

In this week’s #letsblogoff, let’s examine the concept of legacy. You are welcome — indeed encouraged — to interpret this theme any way you wish. It’s part of your legacy after all.

I’m hoping that everyone focuses on: how I did it. I attempted to do everything differently.

Not many of you know this but I moved from a foreign country to live in the US. I do have many commonalities with certain outliers – I realize that now. Some of the things I came across was probably fate, luck, or chance. That also goes to wonder whether these things exist. Some people will claim religion, my legacy is to ensure you don’t think it was. Dreaming to live in NYC at age 7, and almost 2 decades later reflecting on it. I’m living a dream. I’m quite fortunate and do continually count my blessing. I never settled for the norm.

As social networks expand I do wonder, when I pass: Will people reread my tweets when I’m gone? Will they set up a memorial with my facebook? Will they have kind things to say?

To be  honest, I had no idea what my legacy will be.

People thought I was smart? People assumed that I knew what I was doing? All I was doing was attempting to find myself.

My legacy would be to pass that on. I want to be remembered just because I don’t want to have lived in vain. I have no money and whatever’s left will be absolved into charities or where my family deems fit so my only advice would be to:

Find yourself and always keep your mind open to the possibility that you might be wrong at times.

Let finding yourself be a life journey.




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