Didn’t do my Spanish homework this weekend… but I started a painting. Some sacrifices had to be made.

I’ll post better progression photos (these were taken with my cellphone) but here’s how it all started:

From my sketchbook

From my sketchbook

To canvas – apparently the woman looks different… I hate transferring mediums sometimes.

Adding some highlights

Added some color

Where I left off…

My digital painting style is much easier I realized… can’t create layers that you can retouch while painting in real life unfortunately.

I do hope to add some depth over the weekend but I’m all over the place with projects.

Who told me to take Spanish classes, dancing, train for a half marathon and a bunch of freelance projects?

No wonder I need a vacation  (I’m trying to go to Dominica after 15 years by the way).

Hope all is well with everyone!

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