I did it. I sold some artwork. I actually have been commissioned for drawings prior but it was great to actually have my first art show this past weekend where I sold my first post-college piece that I did without any other direction but my own. This is also the first time I showed some art in public since being published at age 15.


It was held at UnWine Bar in Brooklyn. I sold a few post cards that I used to raise funds for the typhoon relief that I donated to the following day.


The first person who bought one was Preston, a coworker. Jerry (one of my very supportive coworkers) also purchased a few after. He’s also now the owner of  the painting that I did of Martino Chiavellio (a former coworker). Some other people bought them throughout the night and that made me feel really happy.


However, the biggest surprise was when an IG follower, who I met for the very first time: James (@delnyc). He purchased two of my favourite pieces.

Thank you so much to everyone who was supportive of my new venture of having art shows. I didn’t know that people would even show up. I teared up a little.

Who knows, maybe I’ll have some more—but, item off my 30 things before 30 list!

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