Vandy and JerlynI spent thanksgiving with a friend from childhood, Vandy, in Tallahassee who I haven’t seen in over 17 years (crazy right). It was quite lovely to see her, since we chat often on GChat.  She’s quite frankly a bigger nerd than I am although she’d deny it. While there, I anticipated my 3rd marathon in Cocoa, Florida. I got to meet her incredible family, hung out with Delvin, whose love of football made me look up fantasy football and even sports betting. I’m still lost with the way this works but for now I’ll focus on running.

I’ll write more about the logistics of the marathon on 30for30fit talking about running only three times a week, etc., etc., but I made it in 3:47.


My first marathon was 4:18, second was 4:01 and my third 3:47! I shaved off 31 minutes since I’ve attempted one! I’ve set personal records on my races, like a boss. One thing that I’ll speak more of on my other blog was the best advice anyone ever told me to approach the marathon: “Run the first third with your mind, run the 2nd third with your legs and the last with your heart!” Thank you Carolyn I’ll always remember that!

I’m pretty excited for being able to cross this off my list of 30 things to do before I’m 30. What I wrote was:  “My last marathon was ran in 4 hours and 1 minute because I was injured and miserable. This time, I’d like to complete one without stopping and while I definitely believe I can sub 4. A marathon is tough on the body and it’s incredible to me that I did 2, which I’m happy about however, I really wanted to run under 4 hours.”

Yesterday’s run was definitely one to remember. We ran in Cocoa, Florida along the Indian River. I can get into details about the smells and how I felt, etc., but that’s all in the fitness entry.

Jerlyn and the space suit

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