I wrote a list of 30 things that I wanted to do before I was 30 and realized halfway through that I was changing. My priorities weren’t the same as when I started doing them—that spans from growth. If my mind hadn’t changed since I had started it, I would’ve been worried.

Although I have successfully completed a few of the items on my list, the rest just didn’t seem fulfilling anymore. This entry will be about commentary and the next phase of my goals. *Please note that I do not regret the incomplete ones.

1. Skydiving (completed). I’m really happy that I completed this. Now that I’ve done it, I don’t know what else would create that excellent feeling of euphoria that I felt. I had wanted to do it for over 7 years and at that moment, although I knew that lots could go wrong I was happy for the big risk. It was certainly a defining moment of where I was in life and how I felt about everything. Needless to say, my disability insurance company will be very happy that I decided to sign up after I did that and not earlier.
2. Learn CPR (incomplete), this should still be completed. It’s not an almost unattainable goal so it should have been overlooked as a listed item because I feel it that it should be a duty.
3. Volunteer at a homeless shelter (incomplete). After doing an event where I helped gift wrap for Homes for the Homeless with my running team, I proceeded to sign up with NYCares to volunteer some more. In the upcoming weeks, I’ll be sure to do my part in making NYC a better place.
4. Sub 4 a marathon (completed). After doing this thrice, it’s not completely unattainable. I believe that marathons should be enjoyed though—unless you’re trying to Boston qualify and you’re an average runner like I am. I have dreams of a near 3 hour marathon.
5. Complete a triathlon (incomplete). I signed up for one for the summer when I will already be 30. This is the first step. I also took the time to learn how to swim proficiently.  That itself was a great experience. So, I’m quite happy with that progress.
6. Pay off my loans (completed). That has been the best goal of all. Being debt-free is a tremendous feeling. However, I’ve noticed that it makes me feel like taking less financial risks. I’m certainly a part of generation-rent even if I want very own place eventually. Not really helping in the dating-a-guy-since-I-have-no-baggage department though…
7. Fall in love (completed). I realize that this goal, although attempted, and allegedly completed, it’s unattainable for the foreseeable future if I stay in NYC. I’m not saying that I won’t ever love. I’m just more practical about my heart. I’m content as is and the beauty of the love I have is that I don’t need to have it like everybody else. I’ve never had the dreams of getting married or starting a family (although most of my friends did). I’ve always wanted to never be poor since I saw my parents struggle. So, that had always been my life goal. Now that my life is much different from my parents, I have to figure out how someone gets included in it. I believe that will take some time. It’s not a priority—but, humans shouldn’t be alone. I have strong opinions on this topic.
8. Publish a book (incomplete). Currently in progress. However like many of my hobbies, I wonder when I’ll lost interest.
9. Design an app (incomplete). Why bother? I realized that my app idea was already done. However, I’ve designed so many apps that I will never be able to share with the public (because of the nature of my job). I’m not for wasting the short time that I have on earth for things that are irrelevant. In the meantime, if it will help change the word, I’ll design it.
10. Change someone’s life (completed). I feel like I’ll always do this where possible. I’m happy for reaching many new runners who became runners because of my social network. Share love and knowledge where you can. That’ll only bring good.
11. Make a genuine new friend (incomplete)—also unattainable. Friendships aren’t things that you can force—like relationships. I’ll never be able to completely trust anyone unless we sign an agreement like lawyers or doctors. Privileges… Well, this is just my problem I suppose. No one’s perfect. I do hope that the ones that I’m fostering now will eventually lead me to fully trust some of my peers.
12. Get defined abdominals (incomplete). One day. It’s really interesting when I surrounded myself with people who wanted to be in super sick shape but weren’t nice to others. My standard of fitness is running up a flight of stairs without being out of breath. With my want to be in super sick shape, I realize that not everyone’s lifestyle give them the ability to be. Well, I did sign up for a 50-mile race that I need to be in really great shape for, so we’ll see what happens.
13. Do a split (incomplete). Don’t care to. Unless I probably would want to do something kinky in bed (tmi) or show off. However, apparently I won’t be attempting to fall in love, so don’t care to. Yes, that was a joke. I’m the only female in my family who can’t do a split (do with that information as you will).
14. Read a book in Spanish (incomplete). I attempted green eggs and ham by Dr. Seuss in the language. However, my Spanish passion comes and goes. I still adore the culture and the language but I don’t continue to practice enough.
15. Complete another Tough Mudder (completed). We did two and one of our teammates got diagnosed with a hereditary disease. With that, we were unable to be the same about going again. However, task completed. We did them in Pennsylvania and Vermont, they will be amazing experiences that live in our minds.
16. Take a ferry to Staten Island (completed). I’ve done this twice and I commuted once by bus. All scenarios were for races. I think I should attempt biking there one day.
17. I was so happy to try snowboarding (completed). I’d love to go again, I didn’t get as far as I wanted when I tried based on circumstances. However, it was so much fun. Now I have something else to do during the cold season if only I could convince someone to go with me.
18. Go to a Scandinavian country (incomplete). I really have to plan this. Let’s see how the trip with my friend from Sweden to visit NYC goes. She’s an amazing person and I’ll get he heads up of what to expect. Let’s hope that a marathon is included.
19. Try frog legs (completed). So, the thing with frog legs is it tasted like an unappetizing chicken with lots of bones. Ok, huge opinion for only having tried it once but I could have made it a “want to have goal” than a “need to have goal.” I simply wanted to try since it is the national dish of my country and I had never had it. However, I’m willing to bet it tastes better there. I’ll have yet to find out.
20. Take a tap dancing class in NYC (incomplete).  Still haven’t attempted. I need to research (I have way too many hobbies).
21. I have never been to the Statue of Liberty (incomplete). It also seems like a nonsensical goal. She’s lovely from the distance.
22. Bike to greenwood cemetery (completed)… I’m really happy that I did this. A coworker mentioned it to me while at a get together and I wrote it down to visit. While there, I realized that I have an obsession of beautiful gravestones. I’m not quite sure if it’s from the artist within me. Greenwood cemetery also became a part of my route as I trained for my second ultramarathon. On bike rides I’ve had, I also came to discover other cemeteries within a few miles from my apartment.
23. Throw a house party (incomplete). I. Will. Do. This.
24. Sell some artwork (completed). While I’ve done this. I still find it increasing difficult to price my art. That is probably the issue with all artists. In the interim, I feel best representing other artists as I sell their art.
25.Sustain a 5k at a 6′30 pace (incomplete). I know somewhere I have this in me but my wish to run that fast is actually low priority. Let’s see how 2015 goes.
26. Do 25 unassisted pull-ups (incomplete)… Let’s just say that I can’t fit my pull-up bar in my apartment so this is also low priority… Which sucks because I thought that I was getting somewhere however, there’s always the gym.
27. Hit on a random guy at a bar. Easy. Completed. Flirting is human nature but I don’t know exactly what I’ll get out of it for the foreseeable future so it’s irrelevant. Nonetheless it’s fun. Who knows, maybe it’ll lead me to falling in love.
28. Drop to 11% body fat (completed) and I have no idea where I’m at right now, I’m afraid to check. I’m also realizing that the desire for vanity is less these days than before.  Dropping to that body fat isn’t sustainable for the long-term and it doesn’t exactly make me happy. I don’t know how other super fit people feel but if my lifestyle doesn’t allow me to keep it, I’d rather be at a healthy weight doing healthy things at something maintainable. Despite all this, I absolutely love how I look in the mirror completely nude, and that’s enough.
29. Get personal trainer certified (incomplete). Nope. You folks are on your own. However, I read the books. I just have no wish to be a trainer. Also, to keep the certifications requires you to update your skills often. I know this is like every other field but I’m already in one. I’d prefer to inspire than get a skill set that I can’t capitalize the general consensus.
30. Decide whether to buy a house (incomplete). Up until now, I’m still part of generation rent. Still renting and no commitments except a lease. I’m fine with that. Having a house is difficult. It requires that you’d love the area despite it’s changes for years to come. I’m also thinking of expanding my horizons and flying off to a new world.
I hope this explains the change in my 30 listed items. For 2015, I’m also limiting my 30 day challenges.

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