What a year! I know Facebook had its year-end wrap up but this has been a ritual for me for the past  years (2008, 20092010, 20112012, 2013)  so I decided to design another based on last year’s review. I’m foregoing Facebook’s. There’s so many things I would miss. The most tedious of this was going back into Facebook archives to see what was great for that month! If you’re wondering how I choose the colours: I select Pantone’s colour of the year and end with next year’s colour. I’ll try to be more sophisticated in branding in the future.

I’ve had so many things happened this year that I almost forgot the bad things like the breast cancer scare, the incident where I had to call 911 and various drama that caused lost friendships. I loved that I got to write a list and follow most of it. Run my first, second, and third ultramarathons. I skydive, placed at a couple of races, finished an entire sketchbook, allow myself to love. Sewed my own national outfit, ran TCS NYC Marathon for the first time. I’ve made so many great memories and met so many wonderful people. I didn’t even get to add the people I met like Josh from the Goodwife or Adam Levine from Maroon 5. Or, my two new projects that I’m starting off in 2015! I really hope 2015 would be amazing (without the negative parts). Hope you enjoy this!


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