When I was 15, a woman in my neighbourhood: Lillian Caesar-Sutherland wrote a book called “The Children Who Wanted To Know.” It’s a book about organ donation for children under the National Minority Organ/Tissue Transplant Education Program (MOTTEP). I was asked to illustrate this book—it was unpaid and quite the experience. I honestly wish that I had known more about design back then. I was self-taught digital illustrator.

For this book I sketched on paper, scanned the drawing, and coloured in Jasc Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop.

About 15 years later, I’m revisiting the book as a case study. So far I’ve done the cover. Here’s the original:

The Children Who Wanted To Know

I revised this by doing my #commuteart project where I drew while on the train, scanned, and finished in Photoshop.

Here are some of the initial (I prefer that part of the process):


This is the result:

The Children Who Wanted To Know

If I had more time I would play with the typography and more colours but various hobbies and too little time, again, unpaid. I just think children at that age would have preferred something more colourful.

I could certainly make this more dynamic but that’s all the time I had without reference :).

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